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Simple. Effective. Personalized.

Three pillars of our Pay-Per-Show Program:


Step 1: Generate Leads

The single most effective strategy to target online audiences today is social media ads. Position yourself as a local authority, put yourself in front of your dream clients, and let them come to you!

We run ads for you on:

TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Step 2: A.I. Appointment Setting

Revolutionize the way you nurture leads and automate your client acquisition with AI.  Say goodbye to calling unqualified leads that never pick up.

LIA - our A.I. assistant - delivers booked appointments straight into your calendar. Pain-free and on demand. 


Step 3: Closing The Sale

An effective sales process is the fundamental building block of an acquisition ecosystem. The thing that differentiates 7-figure practices - the ones that seem to have “cracked the code” - from smaller practices are 2 very simple things:

  1. They have a consistent way of bringing in new clients through the door (marketing system)

  2. They have a process that incentivizes new clients to spend money on multiple services (sales and unique packages)

 Make 6-figures+ by plugging A.I. into your practice...

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