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4 Email Marketing Tips for Your Medspa in 2023

Ways to increase patient satisfaction, retention and add to your bottom line.

The Why

Email marketing is a great way for med spas to reach and engage with new and previous customers, promote services, and drive sales. It's very cost-effective, measurable, and can easily be integrated into your current marketing strategy. By regularly communicating with patients through email and re-engaging past customers you're both adding a personal & professional touch and driving traffic to your website. Things that at the end of the day boost your bottom line.

So here are 4 simple email tips you can add to your medspa marketing strategy in 2023.

Tip #1- Welcome Emails

Welcome your new customers and thank them for choosing your spa. Welcome emails provide an opportunity to make a good impression and set the tone for future interactions. These emails can be used to introduce the business, explain the benefits of chosing your med spa as opposed to your competitors', and provide information on how to get the most out of your treatments. You'd be surprised how big a difference such a small gesture can have on show-up rates.

Tip #2 - Review/Story Emails

Share your clients’ stories and testimonials.(Before and after photos) This both highlights your expertise and gives a more personal touch to your business.

Tip #3 - Re-engagement/Upsell Emails

Inform about new offers & campaigns you're running.

Pro tip: Create offers specifically for previous patients -> this dramatically increases your response & upsell rates.

Tip #3 - Newsletter Emails

"Newsletters?? That's outdated.." You might think. Fact is, 2022 data still shows that email is the #1 platform to reach your customers. By asking customers to join your newsletter you can develop a direct connection with them. Newsletters can also add to your bottom line through affiliate links and promotion of new products and services you're offering.


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